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How Yoga can Make your Business Successful in the Post Covid Era?
21-06-2020 11:36:16 AM Business Author
How Yoga can Make your Business Successful in the Post Covid Era?

The entire world is preparing for the celebration of 6th International Yoga Day 2020 on 21st June in quite a different way, unlike the previous years. In the past, International yoga day has been a mass event with thousands of people participating for yoga sessions outdoors. This year, the International day of yoga will be observed at home and with family members due to global spread of coronavirus. The pandemic situation in the entire world has compelled the people to follow social distancing norms and stay indoors. Our PM Narendra Modi is hoping that practicing yoga asanas indoors  along with the family members will make this international event more auspicious. Exploring different asanas of yoga, people staying indoors will become physically strong and mentally enlightened to face any challenge, be it on health or economy brought by this covid19 era.

Yoga is not only an exercise but a way of life which is as old as ayurveda which comes under holistic approach of living life. Since the last 5000 years, yoga has been benefiting mankind by uniting the body and soul and helping the person to reach the path of enlightenment. In today’s contemporary corporate work environment, yoga has been adopted to bring revolutionary changes in the physical and the mental well being of the employees. Now due to pandemic corona, many business houses are operating from home. Dynamic and technology driven employees of the Sat Kartar Global Consultants have been providing solutions to help their clients navigate and grow business even in this global economic crisis caused by corona. Crisis always causes stress, anxiety and depression which needs to be addressed with the asanas of yoga. It is to know how yoga will enlighten your business path in the economic by working from home is shown below in few points:

a)   Stress: Stress arises in the mind of employees during the working hours and off the working hours due to many reasons. Currently the pandemic situation is causing more challenges. It may raise the stress higher causing the person to suffer from acute physical ailments. Light breathing exercises can make the person have control over mind and body . It will also increase his efficiency level.

b)   Focus or concentration: Breathing exercises and meditation, as a part of yoga can enhance focus or concentration of the person towards their business goals.

c)   Pain reliever:Practicing pranayama in the midst of working hours can surely keep the blood pressure normal and other chronic diseases under control.

d)   Setting a positive frame of mind: Apart from reducing stress and relieving pain, yoga brings the benefit by recharging the person with positivity and conscience.

e)   Increasing energy level: Light stretching exercise during any moment of day can increase the blood  flow, circulation and give boost to energy level. It will raise the mental and physical enthusiasm of the person to contribute to the productivity of the business.

This years International Day of Yoga inspires corporates to encourage their employees to stay active during the pandemic using certain basic steps of yoga.This will definitely bring positive results in productivity and other aspects of business.


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