About the Company:

The company is a leading healthcare provider in the Ayurvedic and Herbal products segment, selling PAN India, through teleshopping and online sales. The company is growing at over 50% per annum, and is now entering various new product segments.


The Opportunity:

Become the local distribution partner for leading healthcare company. Earn handsome amounts by fulfilling orders. The growth potential is unlimited for ambitious and smart entrepreneurs. Create earnings for self and employment for others.

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Initial Investment as low as Rs. 5,00,000 onwards.

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From first month, minimum Bank FD rate guaranteed.

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Space Requirement/Warehouse:

Very little space requirement, just to store the inventory. You can start from home or your current office.

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Why consider this opportunity:

  • Work with leading healthcare company
  • Low investment
  • Immediate earnings
  • Guaranteed minimum returns
  • Employment Potential
  • Can be in addition to your current business

What are we looking for in the Franchise Distributor

  • Committed to the highest levels of service quality
  • A strong entrepreneurial spirit and zeal to succeed
  • Adequate Financial Resources
  • Ability to manage people

Common Questions:

How are the customer orders generated:

The Principal is responsible for generating the order.

What is my role:

Once an order is generated you will be responsible for delivering the product to the customer.

Are the orders pre paid or COD:

Orders can be both pre paid as well as COD.

Do I need a computer:

Yes, you will need a computer to work.

Who handles customer service:

The principal is responsible for customer service.

How can I be assured of returns:

We are sure, based on the sales that you will make enough commission on delivery of products. In any case you are also guaranteed the minimum FD rate as a return.