Terms & Condition

Sat Kartars Global has its certain terms and conditions that defines the set of rules binding a legal agreement between it and its users possessing all the access of visitors over the websites and its content posted at www.satkartarsglobal.com

Users or clients are therefore requested to go through all terms and conditions carefully. It is clearly stated that if you access, review, browse, or use the website, you have to agree with the terms and conditions. If any user does not accept the terms and conditions, he or she cannot use the website for any purpose.

The website may also include the additional proprietary notices and copyright information whose terms and conditions must also be observed and followed. Sat Kartars Global reserves the right to revise, amend, modify, and delete the certain terms and conditions without giving any prior notice. It is all up to the users or visitors to read the updated version of terms and conditions. The continuous access of the users to this site constitutes the acceptance of users that they are aware of amendment, revision, and modification made to the site.


After accepting the compliance with our terms and conditions, Sat Kartars Global grants you restricted, personal, non-selective, non-transferable, non-sub licensable, unreservedly revocable permit to access and utilize the Site exclusively for your own, non-business and legitimate purposes provided that one should maintain all trademarks, copyright, and other intellectual property included in the website.

However, Sat Kartars Global does not allow any user or visitor (who is accessing the website) to distribute, exchange, mutate, share, and sell the content or data available on the website including the photos, videos, images , audio, and other forms of information. Any kind of defamatory, unlawful, and indecent activity is not permitted on the website.


According to Copyright Act, all the materials and features contained in the website including text, graphic, videos, logos, designs, ideas, graphics, pictures, and audios with all derivative works are the solo property of Sat Kartars Global and its licensors protected by laws of Government of India. Nobody has right to display, copy, use, post, and transmit the information presented in the website anywhere. Even the screenshots, photocopy, Xerox, and any kind of electronic means are strictly denied to use the content of website.

Your unauthorized use of the website may give rise to a claim for loss/ damage and will be treated as criminal offence.


Sat Kartars Global owns the right to use the information published or provided by the users to the website and herby declares that the clients or the users who post their information or content on the website are not liable to receive any sort of payment. This clearly means that anything posted, submitted, shared on our website for any purpose is completely authorized by the Sat Kartars Global and its licensors. It is recommended to the users that they will not post the following types of information on our website:

  • Any kind of threatening, malicious, and obscene data
  • Any information against or violating the laws
  • Information or materials that infringe the property and privacy of any third party users.
  • Any kind of false and misleading statements

Sat Kartars Global hereby reserves the right to deny the post and has the complete right to remove any submission or information posted on the website.


The content or data available on the site has uploaded “as it is” and “as available” without any modification and warranties of any kind. Under the acts of authorized laws, Sat Kartars Global at its fullest extent does not claim any warranties whether it is expressed, implied, or statutory. We here at Sat Kartars Global do not warrant that:

  • Data, content, and information available on this site is accurate, correct, and reliable.
  • The functionality of website is error-free and will not be interrupted
  • The website does not include any malware and viruses..
  • Any kind of defect you get will be corrected.

So the users at their risk accept the use of the website, Sat Kartars Global disclaims all kinds of warranties.


You thus reimburse, protect, and hold innocuous Sat Kartars Global and the majority of its antecedents, successors, guardians, auxiliaries, officials, executives, investors, employees, workers, specialists, agents and lawyers and their separate beneficiaries, successors and allocates (all in all, the "indemnified Parties") from and against any risk and expenses, including, without confinement, sensible lawyers charges, brought about by any or all the Indemnified Parties regarding any case emerging out of or identifying with: (I) your entrance to or utilization of the Site, or (ii) any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions or the portrayals, guarantees, and pledges you have made by consenting to these Terms and Conditions.

You will coordinate as completely as sensibly required in the guard of any such guarantee. Sat Kartars Global holds the right, at its own cost, to accept the select protection and control of any issue subject to reimbursement by you.


The terms and conditions section represents the legal agreement between the users and Sat Kartars Global in regard to the subject matter of the terms and conditions and supersedes and replaces all earlier or contemporaneous understandings or alliance written or oral, in regards to that subject matter.

Any waiver of provision shall be entertained if Sat Kartars Global has signed the written agreement. Any failure to the provision of terms & conditions shall not be treated as the waiver of future breach or that provision of terms and conditions.